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NEST STUDIO – A CLOSER LOOK AT OUR GLAZE COLLECTION Handmade for your hand’s touch. Our Glaze hardware collection is one of the most unique and personal collections we offer at Nest Studio. As one of our artisan collaboration collections, our exclusive Glaze series is a result of a groundbreaking partnership between our head honcho, designer Jessica Davis, and ceramic artist Jonathan Castro.   This collection juxtaposes Castro’s signature...

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Armac Martin – Inspiring Green Kitchen Ideas for 2022

Armac Martin – GREEN IS THE NEW GREY A natural colour to complement kitchens, this year’s trending colour draws on the understated hues of fresh herbs and produce like sage and olive – and for those dreaming of a more statement shade, decadent emerald and deep forest greens are in demand. No matter your desired aesthetic, look no further as we explore the most inspiring green kitchen...

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Ressa by Crosswater

Ressa by Crosswater REFRESHING AND REJUVENATING Ressa Spa Toilet heralds a new level of personalized comfort No longer an extravagant luxury, the Ressa™ Spa Toilet™ is the new standard for a refreshing and hygienic bathroom experience. With elegant Scandinavian design and efficient performance, Ressa by Crosswater offers an unmatched balance of features, aesthetics, and surprising...

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Frank Lloyd Wright Bath Collection by Brizo

Frank Lloyd Wright Bath Collection by Brizo Frank Lloyd Wright saw the world differently. And inspired us to do the same. Now in the Frank Lloyd Wright Bath Collection by Brizo®, we pay homage to his visionary spirit. The collection dares to challenge and upend convention—and in doing so, honors Wright’s legacy.

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Native Trails – Inside the Precious Metals Collection

NATIVE TRAILS – INSIDE THE PRECIOUS METALS COLLECTION Native Trails’ 25th anniversary required something extra special. The brand started out humbly back in 1996—with CEO and founder Naomi, then a college student, regularly escaping California’s central coast to travel around Mexico, forging relationships with artisans she met and filling her van to the brim with handmade wares she took home to...

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Basco Shower Doors – Benefits of heavy shower doors

BASCO SHOWER DOOR BENEFITS OF HEAVY SHOWER DOORS Heavy glass shower doors consist of 3/8″ and 1/2″ glass as opposed to the typical 5/16″ or 1/4″ glass on fully framed doors. Choosing a heavy glass shower door for your space comes with many benefits. Read on for a list of five key advantages of picking a heavy glass door. 1. Frameless Heavy glass shower doors are also synonymous...

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Brizo – H2OKINETIC® TECHNOLOGY A better shower experience. While using less water. H2Okinetic® Technology is the study of water in motion. By controlling water’s shape, velocity and thermal dynamics, we’ve reinvented how you shower—creating a warmer, more luxurious spray that gives the feeling of a high-flow shower with a fraction of the water.  This unique shower experience is created by...

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Crosswater – The beauty of matte black and polished nickel brassware

CROSSWATER THE BEAUTY OF MATTE BLACK AND POLISHED NICKEL BRASSWARE Brassware is the defining element of a bathroom. Like fine jewelry, brassware complements the surrounding design and heightens the beauty of a room while showing your personal style. Two finishes that are becoming more popular are Matte Black and Polished Nickel. Understanding the impact of each finish can help you select the right...

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