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Introducing Our Tortoise-02 Knob!

Nest Studio is thrilled to announce that the newest addition to our Tortoise-02 (unofficially nicknamed “Baby Tortoise”), is LIVE on our website and ready to order.

Inspired by the wilds of nature and both Egyptian and Art Deco depictions of Flora & Fauna, the Tortoise lends itself naturally to hardware with abstract geometric motifs.

Smaller Size, Same Detail

The Tortoise-02 is a scaled-down reproduction of our original Tortoise-01. Though reduced in size, its detail is every bit as precise and spectacular.

The Tortoise-02 measures at 2″ L x 1-1/2″ W, making it an ideal statement piece for standard-sized cabinets.

Impeccably Finished

The Tortoise-02 is cast in solid brass and hand polished.

Then it’s finished in a sparkly Polished Nickel, an Unlacquered Brass that will patina beautifully, or Verdigris which mimics organic coloration found in nature.

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