Armac Martin – Bromwich: The Collection

Bromwich: The Collection

This month, we’re shining a spotlight on the Bromwich collection. Favoured for its effortless design, this collection is a beautiful balance of form and function, making it a popular choice for cabinetry and suited to an array of interior styles.

About Bromwich

An industrial-inspired range of luxury cabinet pulls expertly fitted onto individual backplates, the Bromwich collection is manufactured in the heart of England. Expertly constructed from the finest solid brass, each component promises to add a simple but significant statement to your interior cabinetry.

The Look

Featuring clean lines, the collection has a minimalistic edge and works beautifully in a variety of setups. Bromwich consists of four sizes of brass cabinet pulls to give designers more choice, alongside an appliance pull and flush handle to complete the collection. Suitable for kitchen, bedroom and bathroom cabinetry alike, the range is perfect for spaces that require understated details.

Bromwich in the bedroom

Luxury interior designers Celine Estates opted for the Bromwich pulls in burnished brass to complement this charming guest bedroom. Featuring elegant wallpaper in soft pastel hues, the burnished gold tones give the room an opulent rustic feel and nod perfectly to the nature-inspired illustrations.

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