Explore Smoke & Mirrors at the Kips Bay Showhouse


Every year the luminaries of the design world gather in New York City to celebrate the Kips Bay Decorator’s Show House – an exhibit of the finest compositions in interior design anywhere. The show house sets the absolute bar in contemporary interior design helps create a trajectory for the next year’s progress. This year’s exhibit has transformed an already magnificent town house on New York’s Upper East Side at 74th Street, crafting an ever-changing panoply of rich, wild and wonderful spaces that defy convention and maximize the home’s various rooms to create a near fun-house of high-style.

This year, Artistic Tile is honored to have partnered with Studio DB on the “Smoke and Mirrors” room, a boudoir-themed bathroom and lounge on the 4th floor of the show house. Studio DB is a Manhattan-based design firm headed by life & work partners Damian and Britt Zunino, who have combined their diverse backgrounds in architecture and design to develop and lead a multi-talented team of architectural, interior, and furnishing designers. Their distinctive style and incredible talent is on display in the Smoke and Mirrors room, which beautifully integrates our colorful Arabescato Rosa and Lilac marbles into a moody, sexy boudoir, with a deep, rich color palette and historical allusions throughout.


Among the designers’ most prominent statements is a custom Euclid mosaic pattern that adorns the bath floor and climbs the shower wall. The newly-launched Euclid pattern was born of a collaboration between Artistic Tile Founder and CEO Nancy Epstein and NYC Interior Designer Alison Rose. The Bauhaus-style mosaic utilizes a series of striking geometric components crafted from classic marble species in surprising combinations. Studio DB’s implementation of Euclid was the first true installation of the product, in a unique custom combination.

“Studio DB did a fantastic job with the space- the detail and unexpected mix of materials – marble meets wicker – truly showcased EUCLID! It was truly thrilling to see this install and to experience the space as a whole. I have been involved with the Boys and Girls Club for many years, and this is a very special way to be a part of their wonderful mission,” said Designer Alison Rose, who refers to Euclid as an “alphabet” for designers to use in expressing their own unique taste and creativity. The installation in Smoke and Mirrors is complemented by a neighboring wall of Arabescato Rosa slab – creating a seamless effect.


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