How to Clean and Maintain Natural Stone

This concept that has always been important, but now, it is essential. Kitchens and baths are intimate spaces that are vital to our health. Architects, designers, developers, contractors, and homeowners often inquire how best to care for their natural stone. Cleaning and sealing are vital, but care – especially today, means disinfecting the surfaces that surround us.

Stone is as strong as it is beautiful. Installed in homes, hotels, restaurants, and spas around the world, it has successfully met a diverse set of challenges. Natural stone, whether marble, limestone, granite, or quartzite, is easier to maintain than often thought. With a little bit of maintenance, natural stone can be enjoyed for decades.


  • Use dust mops or dusters to keep dry walls dust free
  • Squeegee any walls that encounter water, like those in a shower or bath
  • Routinely clean with fresh water or a dilution of pH-neutral stone cleaner


  • Clean with a pH-neutral dilution of dish soap, then rinse


  • Use mats or area rugs on the inside and outside of an entrance to minimize the sand, dirt, and grit that may scratch the stone floor – Use a mat or rug that is lined with a slip resistant surface
  • When vacuuming, be mindful that the wheels are not worn or warped, as this could lead to scratching

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