New Collection and Finish from Schaub & Co Hardware

Schaub and Co Fonce Collection

Schaub & Company cabinet hardware is created with passion and expert craftsmanship. Every piece is rich in design and details that will make your home truly stand apart. Collections like Symphony are unlike anything else on the market with precious inlays made from the most stunning materials on earth. Explore our full catalog of cabinet knobs and cabinet pulls to find the touch of decadence you deserve. You will find decorative cabinet hardware in every style, from sleek contemporary to ornate luxury. View by style, collection, or finish to find exactly the right product for you.

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Explore Smoke & Mirrors at the Kips Bay Showhouse


Every year the luminaries of the design world gather in New York City to celebrate the Kips Bay Decorator’s Show House – an exhibit of the finest compositions in interior design anywhere. The show house sets the absolute bar in contemporary interior design helps create a trajectory for the next year’s progress. This year’s exhibit has transformed an already magnificent town house on New York’s Upper East Side at 74th Street, crafting an ever-changing panoply of rich, wild and wonderful spaces that defy convention and maximize the home’s various rooms to create a near fun-house of high-style.

This year, Artistic Tile is honored to have partnered with Studio DB on the “Smoke and Mirrors” room, a boudoir-themed bathroom and lounge on the 4th floor of the show house. Studio DB is a Manhattan-based design firm headed by life & work partners Damian and Britt Zunino, who have combined their diverse backgrounds in architecture and design to develop and lead a multi-talented team of architectural, interior, and furnishing designers. Their distinctive style and incredible talent is on display in the Smoke and Mirrors room, which beautifully integrates our colorful Arabescato Rosa and Lilac marbles into a moody, sexy boudoir, with a deep, rich color palette and historical allusions throughout.


Among the designers’ most prominent statements is a custom Euclid mosaic pattern that adorns the bath floor and climbs the shower wall. The newly-launched Euclid pattern was born of a collaboration between Artistic Tile Founder and CEO Nancy Epstein and NYC Interior Designer Alison Rose. The Bauhaus-style mosaic utilizes a series of striking geometric components crafted from classic marble species in surprising combinations. Studio DB’s implementation of Euclid was the first true installation of the product, in a unique custom combination.

“Studio DB did a fantastic job with the space- the detail and unexpected mix of materials – marble meets wicker – truly showcased EUCLID! It was truly thrilling to see this install and to experience the space as a whole. I have been involved with the Boys and Girls Club for many years, and this is a very special way to be a part of their wonderful mission,” said Designer Alison Rose, who refers to Euclid as an “alphabet” for designers to use in expressing their own unique taste and creativity. The installation in Smoke and Mirrors is complemented by a neighboring wall of Arabescato Rosa slab – creating a seamless effect.


Read More on The Artistic Tile

Sietto’s Skyline Collection

Choose from Clear, White, and Iridescent Black.

Thick glass rises above the bar for a unique take on this architectural pull. Skyline Collection pulls and knobs can be mounted either horizontally or vertically.

Sietto Skyline pulls and knobs are available in polished chrome, polished nickel, satin nickel, or satin brass.

Perfect as compliments to Skyline pulls, or on their own, Skyline knobs are pure architectural simplicity.

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Sietto Adjustable Collection

Whether replacing hardware on existing cabinets or installing new cabinets, the adjustability of these bases paired with glass length options, provide the flexibility you want. The Sietto Adjustable Collection is available in clear, white, slate gray, and black glass.

April Vendor Updates

Newport Brass has three new kitchen faucet styles offered… Adams, Gavin & Jetter

Jaclo Logo

Jaclo – has a new finish available called Satin Copper

Rocky Mountain Hardware Logo

Rocky Mountain is now introducing high polished finishes! Silicon bronze high polish & white bronze high polish.

Elkay Logo

New Crosstown with 7 interchangeable aprons

Crosstown Aprons

Introducing the Poet, our newest innovation. Captivate your guests with our new vanishing message technology.

Four new kitchen sink additions – see them here

Introducing up lift technology cabinets

Watermark Designs Logo

New product line called “total eclipse of the arc” – See it here

hansgrohe PowderRain: the new cocoon shower experience

Handshower and showerhead on working display at our Glenshaw and Murrysville locations!

Gently relaxing, thanks to microfine droplets. Ultra-soft on the skin, with state-of-the-art technology: hansgrohe has developed PowderRain, making everyday showering a unique experience.

PowderRain: relaxing and gentle, thanks to micro-fine droplets

The new micro droplets feel wonderful on your skin. And show in the most pleasurable way what is possible with water when it flows through hansgrohe showers. This fine jet not only treats you to a unique shower experience, but is also so sophisticated that it hardly splashes at all.

Fabulous cocooning feeling under the shower as quiet as a whisper

The cocoon of water was designed for your enjoyable, relaxing retreat. Providing you with that warm, safe feeling to pamper you in your own private oasis of well-being. The gentle jet feels wonderfully pleasant all over the skin. Thousands of micro droplets deliver sensual showering pleasure. As if you were standing in the gentle rain of a tropical forest. What’s more, the water multiply divided in the shower head produces an extremely quiet spray. The experts at the hansgrohe sound laboratory have succeeded in considerably reducing the shower noise to a mere whisper. So you can switch off completely during your daily body care routine.

PowderRain in hand showers, shower sets and shower systems
Enjoy PowderRain with only minimal changes to your bathroom. If you fancy redesigning your bathroom, we can provide you with a comprehensive solution. 

  • The new micro droplets are produced by the three-spray Raindance Select S 120 3jet P hand shower. The other two jet types are called “Rain” (full jet) and “Whirl” (massage spray). The Select push button is used to switch between them. Simply screw the new hand shower onto your shower hose. Installing a matching shower rail is also straightforward: Raindance Select S 120 3jet P shower set.
  • Would you like to be fully enveloped in the micro jets? Then enjoy PowderRain from the Raindance S 240 1jet P overhead shower.
  • The totally winning combination of overhead shower, hand shower (both with PowderRain) plus thermostatic mixer is available in the form of: Showerpipe Raindance Select S 240 1jet P.

Designer Bathroom Idea

This project originally appeared on Crosswater London. Visit them for more designer bathroom ideas and product news

Project in Brief: Sopwell House

Deep in the Hertfordshire countryside, with London virtually on the doorstep, Sopwell House is a hidden sanctuary for those who appreciate comfortable refinement and a real sense of freedom.


The earliest reference to Sopwell House is found in a deed of 1603. Once the private residence of Lord Mountbatten, Sopwell House is an important listed building, featuring elegant Georgian architecture, beautiful interiors, and picturesque gardens.


The present owner purchased the property in 1986 and has developed and updated the facilities taking immense care to retain the character and charm of the original Georgian house.


Sopwell House boasts 128 rooms and suites in total. Blending seamlessly with the elegant period features, a warm palette and sensitively conceived modern artistic touches are hallmarks of the hotel’s design.


With a goal to create a modern and beautifully crafted hotel destination that embraces luxury, activity, comfort and relaxation, Crosswater London was the perfect brand of choice.


Bathrooms in the rooms are complete with Crosswater MPRO rain heads, shower valves, and faucets.


Images courtesy of Sopwell House.

Evolution of the American Bath

This article originally appeared on Artistic Tile. Visit them for more great content.

The 20th century was momentous in the establishment of the modern bathroom in western society – a period in which the bathroom transitioned from relative scarcity to become a requisite and stylistic touchpoint of the home. Societal forces including art, architecture and cultural movements have all influenced the function and form of the home bath, and certain periods are remarkable for the aesthetics they forged and for the legacy they have imparted. Let’s have a look at some of these epochs, and the unique qualities that defined them.

1900 - 1920 Bathroom Design

Only a century or ago, most homes did not have indoor bathrooms. It was only at the beginning of the 20th Century that indoor bathrooms became standard. In fact, tenements in New York City were not required to have indoor bathrooms until The New York State Tenement House Act of 1901 mandated that indoor toilets and bathtubs be introduced into all new apartments.

At this time, all-white bathrooms were the trend – a choice rooted in the Victorian notion that dirt sheltered germs. This preoccupation with cleanliness and “purity” favored plain white tiles, as they made dirt more visible, making it easier to maintain and display a “hygienic bathroom” inside one’s home.

1920 1940 Bathroom Design

By the 1920s, new homes normally accommodated at least one bathroom. By this point, white had become stale, so bolder colors were introduced in order to make bathrooms a more styled, family-friendly environment.

New methods of transatlantic transportation enabled influences from previously remote lands, giving American homeowners access to a wider variety of fixtures, lighting, and tile for their bathrooms. A blend of curves, straight lines, organic shapes and mixed media captured the day’s idea of modern, some of which have remained to become today’s retro favorites.

While opulent design elements dominated much of the ’20s, a combination of the Great Depression and ensuing American involvement in World War II in the ’30s and ’40s made some luxuries less accessible to homeowners. During World War II, domestic production of colored, decorative tile ceased entirely and became an expensive import. Wealthy homeowners still decorated in color, but perhaps given the climate, typically opted for more somber colors.

1940 1960 Bathroom Design

Relieved from their service in the war, men returned home to their wives and to work; wives could now step away from the workforce to re-focus on family and the home, and many set about the task of making it a more beautiful, comfortable home for their families. An optimistic outlook gradually brought color back into homes, but tight budgets and a shift in priorities also meant that a home’s decorative elements were not as outspoken as they had been in pre-war times.

Function was as important as form in meeting the needs of the average American family. The Baby Boom and expansion of suburban life, with its larger houses, brought with it the expansion of bathrooms, in number and size. By the ’50s, it was no longer enough to have only one full bathroom: the American Dream now included a powder room for guests, an en-suite master bathroom for parents, and a Jack and Jill bathroom for the kids.

1960 1970 bathroom design

From the 1960s on, tile in bathrooms would be just as influential as furniture, lighting, carpeting and mirror walls. At the dawn of a new era of decorated bathrooms, more expensive materials like marble and stone grew in popularity.

McCall’s Decorating Book from 1964 introduced a chapter on “Luxurious Bathrooms” by describing two over-sized bathrooms (one 16′ x 25′ with a window wall and a crystal chandelier), saying, “These exceptional and handsome bathrooms typify the new excitement that now surrounds this erstwhile neglected room.”

Indoor gardens, sunken bathtubs, mirrored and pattern walls, an avocado-brown-teal-orange color story, metallic surfaces and, of course, wall-to-wall shag carpeting became the ultimate manifestations of luxury.

1980 2000s bathroom design

Neoliberal economic policies of the era and the end of the energy crisis drove the nation to a consumption fever, and that extravagant attitude would carry on for another two decades. A sense of abundance and lavish living spread to bathroom design in delightful proportions.

Spa-like bathrooms of the ’90s combined the devotion to decoration from the former decade with a light futurism inspired by the forthcoming new Millennium. Growing technology and media exposure shifted consumers’ definitions of “must-have” assets. Luxury bathrooms required jacuzzi tubs, double sinks and even, in some cases, a fireplace. Bathroom were enhanced with better lighting, higher grade amenities, and more space, as busy modern lifestyles for both men and women pushed homeowners to find sanctuary in their home baths, and to recognize that the amount of time spent in their home baths warranted an expanded investment.

2000s present bathroom design

Today’s bathrooms continue the spa-inspired aesthetic from the past generation, as our lives are just as, and in many ways, much more demanding of our attention and energy. With the prevalence of smart phones, the lines between our personal, social, and professional lives continue to blur, and time spent relaxing alone has become more of an aspiration and a luxury than it has ever been before.

A modern luxury bathroom is sure to still include all of the palatial frills – heated floors, television mirrors, LED light and sensor-activated toilets – but in a clean and classic presentation that is more focused on the beauty and tranquility of the space than the decor and appliances. Large showers are a must, rainfall shower heads are prevalent, and vintage-inspired standalone bath tubs have made a comeback as statement pieces.

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